COVID-19 Update – What to Expect

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The Federal Health Minister has confirmed that all ALLIED HEALTH practices are considered ESSENTIAL services. As of now, we able to continue operation, and are ENCOURAGED to do so!

The HEALTH and Safety of our patients and personnel is our number ONE priority at Coogee Chiropractic. Please know that we are CLOSELY following the recommendations and directives from both the Health Department and the Chiropractic Board regarding COVID-19 and are taking ALL measures to PROTECT you by enhancing our already high standards of sanitation.
There has never been a MORE IMPORTANT time to focus on your HEALTH and the prevention of disease! Chiropractic care helps you to feel and function at your very best, which is paramount during these stressful times.
In the event we have to SHUT temporarily, we will ALWAYS be here for you throughout our absence. Dr. Seebauer will take your calls and advise you through any acute episodes. Right now, the best way to stay current on any updates is via our FACEBOOK page. Please also make sure we have your current email address so we can stay in touch electronically.

🌟Asking everyone to use the hand sanitizer at the front desk as they enter the clinic
🌟Walking you down to the rooms so that only staff and the chiropractor touch the cards
🌟Disinfecting the adjusting tables between each patient + the chiropractor sanitizing their hands after each adjustment
🌟Frequently disinfecting all other frequently-touched surfaces (door handles, reception desk and pen, etc)
🌟Spacing out our appointments to reduce the number of patients in the office at one time
🌟Ensuring our personnel follow hand and respiratory hygiene protocols at all times
🌟Asking you to stay home if you are exhibiting any cough/cold/fever symptoms (if you are exhibiting these symptoms please call us and we can advise on the next step)
🌱Allow us to tend to you without closing the door (to limit hand contact on door handles)
🌱Paypass or other card payments are preferable to cash transactions (handy tip: Consider carrying your own pen with you if you frequently sign for your purchases)
🌱Please refrain from allowing your children to touch or play with the chiropractor’s equipment
🌱If you prefer to wait outside the clinic in the fresh air, that is no problem! We will let you know when it is time for you to head to the rooms
Please check our Facebook page regularly for COVID-19 updates as they become available. We understand that these are some anxiety-filled times. As always we are here to address your concerns and questions. Please ring us on 9434-5555 to speak with our chiropractor.




When you arrive at Coogee Chiropractic you will be welcomed in our relaxed and comfortable environment. We are a family-friendly clinic and you will find a children’s play area, baby change table, and quiet breastfeeding zones within our office. Our lending-library is stocked with books on various health topics and we encourage you to browse our selection. We also have a full kitchen and encourage you to help yourself to tea, coffee, or filtered water.

During your consultation one of our friendly and skilled chiropractors, Dr. Jessica Seebauer or Dr. Grace Hill, will conduct a full chiropractic, orthopaedic, and neurological examination to fully assess your condition and to determine whether chiropractic care can benefit you. The chiropractor will advise if any further tests or images such as x-rays are required prior to commencing care. If you have any previous imaging or test results, please bring them to your consultation.

The chiropractor will then review your examination findings with you in detail, and will discuss her recommendations for rehabilitation. Our techniques are tailored to your size, age, particular health issues, and your health goals. All adjustments and procedures will be fully explained prior to obtaining your consent to commence care.

It is our mission to provide you with the highest level of evidence-based care in a professional, warm, and educational environment. We look forward to welcoming you to Coogee Chiropractic soon!